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Miike Snow new record = EDM influences

Miike Snow

Happy to You

Downtown Records

March 13, 2012

EDM has had its influence even on the master producing team Bloodshy & Avant of Miike Snow. Bloodshy & Avant have been responsible for producing numerous hit singles by artists such as Madonna, Kylie Minogue, and Britney Spears’ “Toxic” which earned them a Grammy Award. Happy to You is a follow-up to Miike Snow’s debut self-titled album which features hit singles “Black and Blue,” “Silvia,” and “Animal” and has earned them remixes by Peter Bjorn and John, Benni Blanco, and Mark Ronson, to name a few. “Devil’s Work” (3) starts off with gleeful keys, campaigns snarly horns, and punchy synth parts and a dynamic musical mix with vocals like what we remember from “Horse is Not a Home.” Lykke Li fans will enjoy her featured vocals on “Black Tin Box.” If you like keys, synths, horns, dance, rock, electronic sounds, and smooth vocals wrapped up in a bright ‘black and blue’ bow in the shape of a deer (like the image on their album covers); you’ll like Miike Snow. EDM electronic notes and anthems have weaseled their way into the tracks of indie/dance/rock team Miike Snow. Wolfgang Gartner’s remix of “Paddling Out” made the album as a bonus track 13; it is a phenomenal dance track that’ll surely be a club hit of the year.

Notable tracks are (2) “The Wave,” (3) “Devil’s Work,” and (10) “Paddling Out.” “No Starry World” (12) is a dancy electronic machine of jungly rhythms and wash.